Maximize Your Health Insurance Policy

Oct 21, 09 Maximize Your Health Insurance Policy
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The key to getting the most benefit from your health insurance policy is having comprehensive knowledge your policy coverage.  Many people don’t actually read the policy that is found in their policy plan book.  Thus, they may not be aware that the policy may actually pay 100% of certain procedures such as annual physicals, mammograms, flu shots, or certain labs tests.

The policy plan book will outline for you what procedures are not subject to the deductible or co-pay (your out-of-pocket expense).

Some insurance companies have shifted their emphasis from health insurance to health improvement and maintenance.  This means that they will be much more willing to pay for the cost of gym memberships, nutritional counseling, or plans to stop smoking.

If you were trying to lose weight and knew that you could get these services at no cost, wouldn’t you take advantage of them?

If you wanted to quit smoking, wouldn’t it be beneficial to know that you could get the nicotine patch free?

It is very wise to know what services are available to you through your insurance company and you will only know those things if you take the time to thoroughly read your policy.

Health insurance is an expensive item.  Many insurance companies make a living denying coverage.  You owe it to yourself to take advantage of every benefit that is afforded to you and your family.

By taking full advantage of the free benefits of that may be in your insurance policy, you will be healthier, require fewer visits to your doctor, and actually benefit from an industry that normally harms the consumers.

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