Liberal Arts Programs Going The Way Of The Dodo

Dec 06, 10 Liberal Arts Programs Going The Way Of The Dodo
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The Great Recession has led to severe budget cuts in nearly all sectors of our economy. Money is tight and everyone is feeling the pinch. In this atmosphere, everything on the balance sheet is coming under intense scrutiny. Unfortunately, even our institutions of higher learning are not immune from this terrible economy. Schools are slashing their liberal arts and humanities departments, while liberal arts colleges are having a tough time meeting admission and financial benchmarks.

Educational institutions are already taking measures to expand their medical, engineering, and business departments, as well as strengthen pre-existing programs to help prepare students for their vocational lives.

However, in many colleges and universities, students enrolling in many liberal arts programs are finding teacher shortages, budget shortfalls, or even the outright elimination of their programs.

Economic conditions have made universities exercise more care with how they allocate resources. One way to cut back on expenses is to sacrifice academic departments that are deemed not profitable. Because of their esoteric nature and decreased student enrollment, subjects such as history, literature, philosophy, cultural studies, the arts, languages, and religion are facing budget cuts or elimination.

A liberal arts education is becoming less and less popular. Smaller numbers of students are enrolling in liberal arts programs. When asked why they are not pursuing a liberal arts education, many stated that they want high paying jobs, something that a philosophy or cultural studies degree is unlikely to give them. Compared with the market value of an MBA or a medical degree, liberal arts graduates often end up earning less over time.

A liberal arts education is essential part of learning to be a good citizen in a civilized society. Neglecting the humanities will lead to a less educated, less engaged citizenry. America can ill afford a broken educational system that churns out ready-made automatons unable to participate meaningfully in civil and political discourse.

Why we need the liberal arts:

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