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Feb 28, 09 Joy and Pain
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Mardi Gras is over now, and it’s back to the real world for your humble narrator.  This means annoying customers, coaching at track practice, and of course Louisiana politicians making the news and embarrassing me further.

So almost two weeks ago Obama got his stimulus bill passed.  Not a monumental feat since he only needed the majority from a democratic controlled congress to do it.

Almost simultaneously with me hearing the bill passed I hear there are a couple of Republican governors considering not taking stimulus money.  My first response was to shake my head at people so wound up in wanting to see someone fail they would sacrifice the well being of the state to do it.

Before I could even think about who these Governors might be I hear a listing of the states and of course Louisiana and Piyush “Bobby” Jindal are leading the charge.

Now I’ll be totally honest.  I don’t know anything about the content of that stimulus package, so maybe their concerns are legitimate. Maybe they’re not being difficult or anti-Obama and they believe the world will be a worse place post-stimulus.

But there better damn well be a clause stating Barack gets everybody’s first born for Jindal not to take the money considering we’re still begging the Federal Government to help us post-Katrina.  Not to mention we’re still near the bottom in education, which I have no doubt there are education programs in there the stimulus will help build.

I was just plain old ashamed… or so I thought.  The real embarrassment was yet to come cause I hadn’t the foresight to see not only was it a political move that put me and everyone I care about on the chopping block to make his point, this crooked bastard had actually turned this into an immediate opportunity to cash in on his stand because he would be giving the GOP response to the stimulus.
Jesus take the wheel!
So if you didn’t watch Piyush Jindal’s response here it is…

Just notice that A.) he looks like a muppet the whole time and a stiff breeze would blow him over. B.) he said “Americans can do anything” about a dozen times in a futile effort to invoke the energy of “Yes We Can” and C.) He tried endearing himself with his boring stories and his parents being immigrants and ended it with that horrible smile at the end

He had less charisma last night than McCain at any point.  Maybe he was nervous.  I’d be nervous too if I only had 4 years until Obama worked out on me in an election George Bush vs Dan Quayle style.

So my friend was like Obama’s a tough act to follow.  It’s kind of like trying to follow Frankie Beverly and Maze after they just rocked the Superdome at Essence.  I countered that Jindal was kind of like if Michael Bolton tried to follow Maze at Essence and came on to do covers of all their music but didn’t really know the words to the songs.

Now imagine Michael Bolton swaying from side to side, clapping his hands at the Superdome singing… “I just can’t let her GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo…”

For those of you who may not be familiar with Frankie Beverly and Maze the words to the song are “Before I let you go…..” and it’s much more soulful than anything you’ve ever heard if you haven’t heard it.

The sad part about it is I didn’t hate Bobby Jindal before last night. I heard him on the radio during Gustav evacuations and he sounded like a man in control leading his city from peril. If he’s overwhelmed by a couple of cameras I think he needs to stick to gubernatorial duties. On the brighter side if he is the GOP nominee in 2012 we’ll definitely get 4 more years of Obama.

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