Healthcare Summit: Here We Go Again…

Feb 24, 10 Healthcare Summit: Here We Go Again…
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For the umpteenth time, Mr. Obama is going to try and get bipartisan support for his healthcare legislation.  Despite a scaled down healthcare bill that incorporates many Republican ideas at the expense of the public option.  While President Obama should be lauded for sticking to his guns, I am still confused as to what he hopes to accomplish.

If his goal is present the Republicans stonewalling tactics for the entire country to see, he may reap some limited political rewards.  However, passing the bill months ago would have negated the need for the 9th inning political maneuvering.  The public option, which enjoyed a brief resurgence last week, has once again been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency.  I am sure it will make good political theater for political junkies such as myself (I’m ordering pizza).  However, I’m not sure what the Democratic long-term strategy is.  If you have any idea, please share your thoughts with me.

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