Where To Get The Best Halal Cakes

Dec 03, 10 Where To Get The Best Halal Cakes
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by Cherry Daniels

The Islamic religion decrees that some elements are not clean for the body. These ingredients are called “haram” or prohibited. On the contrary, there are ingredients that are considered healthy for eating and these are called “halal”. Examples of haram contents include pork, blood, any kind of animal meat where the animal was butchered savagely, meat from dead animals, alcohol, and food where the name of Allah was not referred to during preparation and prior to consuming.

Attempting to find halal foods is not as problematic as before. There are many halal eateries being opened that are certified to serve halal foods. Not only does this mean that they do not have pork and other haram foods on the dish, but that the dish was prepared using halal food butchering and cooking methods.

Islam followers also love having desserts when dining out. And so, halal cakes are a top pick. They come in different flavours too, including chocolate, dark chocolate, apple, custard, lemon, and berries. They can either be served as pies, tarts, or pudding. The secret to these desserts and halal cakes is that they were made without a single drop of alcohol. In regular baking, alcohol is sometimes employed to create stronger flavours and to balance the sugariness. That is why there are rum cakes, brandy cakes, and others that use alcohol.

So, do followers of Islam go without enjoying a good dessert? Definitely not. To replace the alcohol, bakers of halal cakes use apple juice and alcohol-free vanilla extract. Traditional bakers ordinarily use solid fats to make their goods and these solid fats are usually pork fat. To remove this haram ingredient, halal cakes have fruit-based solid fats instead. It’s a good substitute that does not sacrifice the flavour.

Shortenings are also created using haram ingredients. To substitute these, halal bakers utilized there are better and healthier choices such as applesauce, pureed prunes, and apple butter. These are particularly fabulous for pies.

Enjoy dining at your favourite Halal Restaurant, which offers a delicious selection of halal cakes.

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