Haiti Is Still Hurting

Mar 16, 10 Haiti Is Still Hurting
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Although Haiti has fallen from the national consciousness, the problems there continue to grow.  Approximately one million people are still homeless, while many have taken refuge in tent cities and refugee camps.  According to an editorial in the New York Times, despite the overwhelming amount of aid and support given to Haiti, the country is ill-prepared to deal with the storms and floods that are expected to begin soon.

The United Nations has done an adequate job of coordinating relief efforts between its own agencies, NGOs, and the Haitian government.  As a result, the aid is not reaching a majority of the displaced citizens and much of the damage and rubble remain untouched.  It has only been two months since the devastating earthquake.  It is far too soon to forget about what is happening in Haiti.

Here is a detailed list of organizations that are accepting donations for Haitian relief.  

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