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Sep 18, 09 Give Back
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During difficult times people have a tendency to retreat from social and civic life.  This recession has greatly harmed our economic infrastructure and made it more difficult for us to achieve our financial goals.  However, there are those who have always been living at the margins of society.

When recessions and depressions hit, they always get hurt worse than the rest of us.  Thus, we complain because our standard of living has decreased, while some of us are forced into hunger and homelessness.  It is during these times when we can reconnect with that spark that makes us human.  In the midst of our personal turmoil, we have an opportunity to reach out and help somebody else.

Before deciding where or how to volunteer, you must first understand where your unique talents will be most useful.  For instance, are you good with your hands?  Maybe you have a unique way of relating to others and putting them at ease?  Maybe your schedule affords you time to volunteer at places and during times that are too inconvenient for most people?  Perform an honest assessment of your skill set so that you can make the most effective use of your talents.

Start Small

Find organizations and groups that serve needs within your community.  Most of us have a host of obligations that must meet.  By performing your service within your local area, you will be sure to maximize your time and help those nearest to you.

Stick With It

Volunteer work is not glamorous.  It is often hard, dirty, and emotionally taxing.  Yet anyone that has ever volunteered will tell you that it is a rewarding experience.  However, it is important to have reasonable expectations of what the organization needs and what you will be able to provide.  Ensuring that you are aware of the type of work you will be doing is important in order to minimize any initial disillusionment.

Get Involved

Do not be afraid to take the initiative if it means making the organization run better or smoother.  Lead by example, get to work on time, and complete all of your assignments.  Do not be afraid to accept or offer constructive criticism.  By making yourself an integral part of the group, not only will you be meeting a need within your community, but you may also make some great new friends.

Here are some organizations that are always looking for new volunteers.

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