Frugal Shopping Tips: Ways To Save A Little Coin

Nov 06, 09 Frugal Shopping Tips: Ways To Save A Little Coin
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Since the recession began, many people have been interested in frugal shopping tips.  The word “frugality” has a negative connotation for most people other than simply being someone who saves money.  It has come to mean a cheapskate, spendthrift, or tightwad.  There is a thin line between someone living frugally who saves money and makes smart financial choices and someone living an ascetic lifestyle.  People who reuse paper towels, toilet paper, and plastic utensils are often incorrectly labeled as frugal.  However, there is honor in living frugally.  If the economy continues down its current path, frugal shopping will become a survival skill.

If you want to begin living more frugally, here are some tips to get you started:

Eating Out

This is definitely an expense you can control.  Start cooking more and you will save money on eating.  If you do choose to eat out, make sure that you search for lunch and dinner specials.  Sign up for rewards programs because the frequently provide you with good incentives such as free appetizers and entrées.


Stop buying those trendy threads at retail prices.  Buy a couple of stock pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to create new outfits.  If you must indulge your desire to shop, find some quality thrift stores or discount stores where you can save up to 75% on designer wear.

Buying Your Own Car

Stay away from expensive sports cars or SUVs.  If you remember that the primary purpose of an automobile is transportation, then you can avoid the temptation to buy something that you cannot afford to pay for.  Do the due diligence and make sure that you find a quality car at an affordable price.  Once you have a car, make sure that you perform preventative maintenance in order to keep the car running properly.

Shopping for Groceries

In a few short words: coupons, sales, and off-brands.  Avoid branded items as much as possible.  Off-brands are much cheaper than their name brand counterparts.  Buy what you can get in bulk and stick to your budget.

If this is not frugal enough for your taste, there are many fugal websites that can show how to live a much stricter lifestyle.  Some of these are very challenging.  However, if you are looking for some ways to begin living frugally, then the frugal shopping tips above are a good start.

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