Executive Job Search Tips – How to Create An Executive Job CV

Jan 22, 10 Executive Job Search Tips – How to Create An Executive Job CV
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By Jason Lee

Designing a resume doesn’t mean that you get a job.  A resume can’t make you qualified if you are not up to the mark.  A resume won’t open up doors or knock down obstacles in your path.  Executive resume’s are much longer (two or even three pages is the norm) if we compare it with entry level or mid level resumes.  Everything in the resume should support a specific career target. The executive resume should present a sharp, focused, cohesive picture of the person and why they are valuable.

1.  Start your resume with a summary rather than an objective.  It should highlight your strongest selling point.  It should enable a reader to consider you as asset.  The main point to note here is that through this you should be able to convey the type of profile you are searching for and your major career contribution.

2. Showing chronological work history is always a good idea.  Your purpose won’t be fulfilled if your resume does not show your work history in a chronological manner.  Make sure you properly display details of your job, employer, and the time-period of job assignment even when trying to show any not-so-shining recent experience.  If you are not following these standards, the probability of your resume making its way further is diminished.

3. Your resume should be more about that what you did instead of just the duties of your job.  Rather than describing your scope of responsibility, describe your achievements and contributions.  This includes things you did to improve the revenue, profitability, productivity, customer satisfaction, or contributions to other business objectives.  As an executive, it is better to be focus on strategic contribution rather than administrative tasks.  In doing all of these things, be sure that you are communicating the big picture in your resume.  Employers are intelligent; they can make assumptions based on the job titles.

4. Always present your resume in a way that highlights your achievements as a challenge you achieved.  Instead of showing that you increased the revenue by 23 percent, you should show that revenues grew by 23 percent and the company achieved profitability for the first time.  It is always important that you create your resume in such a way that it is easy for the reader to pick up important information.  Use type enhancements, bullets, and indentations to create an organizational hierarchy that makes your information easy to absorb.  Never make any spelling or grammatical errors.

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