Dodging carcinogens on a budget

Feb 17, 09 Dodging carcinogens on a budget
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If I had kids–no, just one kid–I’d be under the poor house.  My fate wouldn’t be due to the cost of diapers and bibs or expensive tennis shoes for peer-pressured teenagers.  Another money-sucking area of my budget looms large in my life, and as long as the FDA sees no need to protect me, I see no way of changing these circumstances.

I’ve developed a growing fancy for all products natural, balanced out by my growing disdain for parabens, Yellow No. 5 (or whatever it is), “fragrance” (what IS that anyway–and do I need it in my dish detergent, deodorant, and tissue?).

Reading that, I’m sure it’s easy to lump me into the category of “granolas” treading lightly on the earth so as not to kill the carpenter ants that “just want to live too!”  And more power to you if you do–I love those people!  But I’m not on some “save the black ants, save the world kick.”  I’m just a woman doing my best to prevent cancer and feel good.

This all poses a problem, however.  Uh, I’m a grad student.  With lots of money going out but no income flowing in (well, you could count the half a grand I get from my assistantship every month–but if it’s not enough even to cover the rent, it’s not really worth considering).  So how do I justify buying dollar-an-ounce Burt’s Bee’s lotion or paying $6 for a couple ounces of shea butter in my present financial state–let alone in this present financial environment?

I’m insulated but not really insulated.  I’ve become a master at making student-loan moolah stretch-stretch-streeeeeeeetch, with a side-hustle internship–to support my habit.  I gotta eat and take care of myself, right?  And exercising trade-offs: Pandora gets much play; iTunes purchases are down.  No new gloves for me—I can sew the few holes in the ones I have (winter’s almost over here anyhoot)!

So for right now, I’m wearing the Nikes I bought more than six months ago, rocking the sewn gloves, and concentrating on protecting my person.  ‘Cause once I find a job (I remain, strangely, unworried that this will be an issue upon graduation in August), new (preferably recycled rubber) sneaks’ll be there for the taking.  Being filled with years of toxins is another thing altogether.  And who knows, I could end up with cancer anyway.  But right now, my body feels 100%.  My pockets? Not so much…

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  1. I’m glad I never got into fancy, costly treatments for my skin… Although I guess if you’re cutting costs that’s a better place to cut from then my 40 dollar a week fast food budget.

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