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In today’s daily money matters, I will discuss a couple of ways that some individuals are turning the tide of economic bad news into personal opportunities.

1.)  Embracing the Future of Commerce

According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, parents who are struggling amidst the recent economic turmoil have found themselves unable to buy their children many of the items on their Christmas wish lists.  However, children have found an innovative way to earn the money to buy the new toys they want.  Children are increasingly turning to the Internet in order to sell off used toys and earn the money for new ones.

Ebay and Craigslist have seen an enormous increase in postings for used toys.  While some items bring in large sums, the idea that children are embracing new technologies and methods to conduct business is very heartening.  I believe that solid financial habits are as integral to a child’s learning as the “three r’s”.  Out of the mouth of babies…

2.)  Hurry Before It’s Too Late

According to whom you ask, either the stock market crashed or is experiencing a natural re-evaluation of over-inflated stock prices.  Regardless, the stock market has lost a significant amount of value since October 2008.  Most people would consider giving stock as a gift the equivalent of leaving a lump of coal in someone’s stocking.

Yet, this Christmas may be the perfect time to give the gift of stock.  There are a myriad of laws governing the donation of stock.  Properly understood, these laws allow you to perform an act of kindness and make some money at the same time.

While you, your family, or whatever charity you deem, can benefit tremendously from this practice, the government may move sometime in 2009 to restrict specific sections of these laws.  Feel free to visit here for the most current information regarding securities law.  Act now.

3.)  (Sigh)…Do More With Less

Many companies are faced with some stark choices this year.  Layoffs are increasing and many companies are limiting merit pay increases to a mere 3%.  Career coaches are recommending that workers find a way to increase productivity in order to insure that you get the highest raise possible.

If possible, take on extra assignments, attend seminars and classes, and make sure you are effectively communicating with your colleagues.  Just because productivity is decreasing does not mean that your productivity has to suffer as well.  Anything that you do to increase the bottom line, or minimize losses, will make you a noticed and valuable asset to your company.

It’s important to keep up with your daily money matters.  Because, money matters.

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