Critical American Infrastructure

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Yes, I know critical American infrastructure is not the sexiest topic.  However, anybody concerned about the recession and the future of the American economy would do well to stay abreast of these issues.  With this in mind, I am recommending an article that you must read.  Sarah Williams Goldhagen wrote an excellent piece that delves deeply into infrastructure issues, as well as their effect on American cities.

Her article was prescient.  Written in late Summer 2007, she focused on the challenges of not only getting these projects past the planning stages into completion, but also describes the difficulty of engendering public support.  She makes a compelling argument for bold political action that seemed impossible at the time.  Now that infrastructure projects and the promise of jobs are being mentioned in the same breath, policymakers hungry for cash and citizens hungry for jobs should be much more supportive of future projects.  And we all benefit in the end.

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