Creating Job Security 2009 Resource Guide: STR Book Review

Jan 30, 09 Creating Job Security 2009 Resource Guide: STR Book Review
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Creating Job Security Resource Guide, by Debra Yergen, provides a vast amount of useful information in a compact, easily readable format.  Whether you want to earn extra money to supplement your current income, or are seeking a career change, this comprehensive resource guide provides you with the tools to affect dynamic change in your life.  Ms. Yergen’s expertise in this subject shines through brightly, as she supplements well researched information with helpful real world examples.  Unlike many writers on this subject, the author presupposes reader competence.  Ms. Yergen never assumes a pedantic tone and her writing never becomes overly complex.  Rather, her words become the reassuring advice of a friend who is reminding you of something that you previously forgot.

The book is divided into ten chapters.  Chapter One provides a stark, but realistic assessment of the options facing many of us during this recession.  From there, the successive chapters provide important information on everything from finding a job to promoting yourself over the Internet.  One of the crown jewels of the book is the list of over 75 online job resources broken down by industry.  One of my favorite chapters in Creating Job Security Resource Guide is entitled Comparing Offers.  In this chapter, Ms. Yergen explains the Green Light Scoring Model, which she created.  Despite our current economic state, we do have options.  Ms. Yergen’s model assists the reader in making the best job choice decisions by employing a metric that is easy to understand and implement.  What makes it so effective is that it takes into account our material desires, as well as the emotional factors that play a role in the decision making process.  It is this kind of practical information presented in way that is palatable and easy to follow that makes Ms. Yergen’s book an essential resource guide. The STR Team easily recommends Creating Job Security Resource Guide. You will find yourself utilizing this book repeatedly as you try to make headway during this economic crisis.  Ms. Yergen has worked in the finance industry and published numerous articles and columns in various financial news outlets.  This experience shows.  Do yourself a favor and pick up this essential resource guide.  STR guarantees that you will not be disappointed.

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