Bush’s Failed Economy

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Watching outgoing President George W. Bush smirk and slink his way through a series of self-serving exit interviews has been a harrowing experience.  I feel compelled to do a summary of Bush’s failed economy.  The common wisdom states that presidents get too much credit for good economic times and too much blame for economic downturns.  However, this economy belongs to Bush and his sycophants because their conservative philosophies and fiscal policies were implemented with little dissent from an all too acquiescing Congress.  From the tax cut he passed, which squandered the Clinton era surplus, to the expensive and ineffective Medicare prescription drug benefit, Bush’s misguided policies and disdain for regulation has done irreparable damage to our country.  Luckily, the writers at Salon have already waded through the depressing muck and produced a comprehensive account of Bush’s abysmal economic record.  Recommended for strong stomachs only.

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