The Two Year Diet: How to Lose 400 Years of Oppression in Just 24 Months

Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet So this speech isn’t exactly about the recession. But anything Obama related is tied to...

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Joy and Pain

Feb 28, 09 Joy and Pain

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Tweet Mardi Gras is over now, and it’s back to the real world for your humble narrator.  This means annoying customers, coaching at track practice, and of course Louisiana politicians making the news and embarrassing me further. So almost two weeks ago Obama got his...

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Aint’s and Hor-nots

Feb 21, 09 Aint’s and Hor-nots

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Tweet It’s not a big deal being in a recession if you’re from Louisiana. We’ve been cutting costs for as long as there’s been industry here. Our decision makers have no qualms about putting out an inferior product as long as it’s turning a profit. Sadly our...

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V-day tips for men…

Feb 14, 09 V-day tips for men…

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Tweet There’s an old saying… or maybe it’s a scientific fact.  Either way, “they” say that if there was a nuclear war the animal most fit to survive would be the cockroach.  Well… I guess I’m the cockroach of “the Great Recession.”  I’ve been...

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The Hustle

Feb 07, 09 The Hustle

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Tweet Now let’s get this straight… I am a writer. But first and foremost… I’m a hustler.  My nature is to find a way to use my talents to make a dollar.  The dichotomy that is the Saturday man is that I’m not always motivated by conventional jobs.  I hate...

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“Saturday… I’m the Saturday Man.”

Jan 31, 09 “Saturday… I’m the Saturday Man.”

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Tweet For those of you familiar with Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon you might remember that Guitar was actually the Sunday Man. Well we already got a Sunday man so this is what was left.  But that’s what being a broke writer is all about I guess.  Scraping up what...

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