Welcome.  Like many of our readers, our initial reaction to this global financial crisis was uncertainty and trepidation.   However, our passion to learn more about the economy, as well as the theories and mechanics that govern recessions has led us here.  We have developed an enthusiasm and devotion to sharing with you all of the quality information that we have acquired, in addition to the encouragement that you will need for your personal and financial growth during these turbulent economic times.

Our diverse educational (History, Political Science, Physics) and occupational backgrounds, spanning IT Consulting, Music Production, Law Enforcement, Retail, and Hospitality, among others, allows us to experience, research, and analyze an array of economic problems and solutions from multiple and unique perspectives.  Our journey has led us to make a handful of smart investments, this blog being a primary one, which will allow us to successfully escape the seemingly impossible choke hold of current economic trends.  Ultimately, we, like you, want to chart our own paths and control our own destinies.

We have designed Surviving The Recession as a place where you can obtain quick, accurate information and diverse, well-thought out opinions.  As such, please feel free to ask us any questions and definitely feel free to comment on the information we provide so that we can make your experience here a personally and financially rewarding one.  The STR team is dedicated to providing you with whatever you need to assist you.  We are not only going to survive this and future recessions together, if we learn and implement our shared knowledge, we will also be even more successful in the face of economic adversity.  Happy reading!

– STR Team