Happy Memorial Day

May 25, 09 Happy Memorial Day

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Welcome to the number one recession survival blog! Sign up for our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter to get the most out of the information provided here. Thanks for joining us! Tweet We at Surviving The Recession encourage you to keep our past, current, and future veterans

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Go Forward

May 22, 09 Go Forward

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Tweet Go forward. Weakened by a string of one-night stands with stress, I often awakened to illnesses that were hard to shake.  I found it difficult to offer tips on surviving the recession when the recession, apparently, had me in a chokehold so firm that John Cena would...

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Health Care Debate Heats Up Again

Tweet Mr. Obama is determined to address the nation’s health care crisis, despite the terrible economic conditions and an already ambitious agenda that is meeting resistance from politicians in his own party.  The statistics are dire:  45 million Americans have no...

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Recession News Is A Mixed Bag

May 15, 09 Recession News Is A Mixed Bag

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Tweet Chrysler and General Motors will close approximately 3,400 dealerships by the beginning of next year.  This represents 187,000 people that will be unemployed when all the announced closings are finished.  These numbers are huge.  Over 25% of Chrysler’s...

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Conspicuous Consumption’s Last Gasp?

May 14, 09 Conspicuous Consumption’s Last Gasp?

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Tweet For the last few years, our economy was so awash in cheap credit that conspicuous consumption became the norm.  Many economists and social critics were predicting the end of conspicuous consumption because of the new socioeconomic realities brought on by the current...

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May 10, 09 Phosphorescence

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Tweet Hearing politicians, economists, and others amongst the chattering classes begin to whisper that maybe we have hit the bottom of our economic freefall, I am reminded of one of my new favorite horror movies, 2005’s The Descent.  In the movie, four adventurous women...

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